What Impact Is a Missed Call Causing to Your Business

Have you ever called a company on top of the web search result and heard a busy tone or a message to leave a voicemail or simply the phone continues ringing till no one answered?

It happens all the time, given the service heavy nature of most small businesses. You probably do what most customers do – call another company. But think about what the first company lost because they did not answer your call?

  • A Paying Customer
  • A Recurring Customer
  • A Referral
  • A Review 
  • And probably even trust to ever consider coming back

According to stats, small businesses miss anywhere between 4-5 calls/day, which could very well mean 20% of the calls in some cases or simply put 20% of your revenue. According to Google there are about 30.2M small businesses, that receive about 13 calls a day, thats a massive 400M calls per day to small businesses.

What does it mean for your business?

It not only means that you lost a customer, you also lose a lot more every time you miss a call. Most small businesses spend a lot of dollars on building a website, advertising, SEO and other forms of marketing. In addition small businesses work very hard to channel these customers to a virtual door and more than a quarter of these calls never get answered. So how much damage does it cause your business?

If you know your conversion ratio for inbound calls, then you can work out how much that missed call just cost you in purely financial terms. Either way, with pay-per-click prices going through the roof and so much marketing noise out there, each and every call should be nurtured, cosseted and treated as your number one priority, but it is not always possible, how much ever you may try. We are humans and we can miss out on calls just like other finer details. Its a given.

How do you protect your business from losing revenue then? How do you solve this good to have problem, without actually involving another human being?

It’s not just the ROI of new sales. Although this in itself is reason enough to sit up and gawk at those stats. Nothing is more infuriating than calling a company with a question or issue and have the phone ring out or go to voicemail. It feels unprofessional and your faith in that company rapidly declines. Your company is then on the back foot and we all know what happens next.

Stick to the fundamentals

Before concentrating on the fluff, the “arty” web design, the wizardry of SEO and online advertising, get your calls in order. This will give you the biggest return for the lowest investment and that’s just good business practice. 


Put in place a conversation text assistant that can answer your customers queries and/or let them request a quote/book a service. Below is an example how:

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